Magical Elephant + Pattern!


I’m in love with this pattern by Pierrot Yarns! The instructions are in Japanese, but come with charts so the anyone can crochet this adorable elephant. If you click the link, you can see one of my elephants featured!

Crochet charts were new to me when I stumbled across this pattern and I had no clue how to work them! If you’re lost as well, here’s a good tutorial.

I have crocheted this pattern once or twice…..

And now THRICE!

It’s just a really cute outcome and I can’t (won’t) stop!


He stands at about 7 1/2 inches, with hat. The hat is light pink and removable, revealing a little yellow chick that is attached to his head. He is also wearing white magic gloves and a lime green bow tie. His eyes, as well as his feathered friend’s eyes, are sewn on securely.

Happy crafting!


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