The Diversity in Our Dolls Project

As you will see with my projects, I like to work with a variety of colors. This is no different when it comes to the skin of my dolls. We are not all white so why are our toys? I think that it’s important that children have options when it comes to choosing  their friends, and there’s not many options when the shelves are lined with white figures.

I try to add this variety a lot in my store so it’s not overloaded by white dolls. Children deserve to have dolls that reflect themselves, their culture, and their interests.

A recent addition to my store is Maria. She is modeled after a little girl I know and her Hispanic heritage.

The white dress is based off the designs of Costa Rican dresses. The shoes are your typical ‘Mary Janes.’ She is wearing a green and red belt around her middle and a headband of red flowers. Her hair has been parted and braided, with her bangs cut to run horizontally.

She is approx. 16 in and is currently available for $15 here.  Maria is very friendly and a real sweet girl.

What dolls have you made that follow this project?

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