End of Semester Shennanigans

I’m finally done with all things school related for the semester. Got out pretty good- one B amongst a sea of A’s! 😀 Even managed to dig myself out of my project hole.

Got my Mother’s Day stuff done:

This is for my Mother in Law.
This is for my Nana. Used her favorite bible verse

My mother is pretty hard to craft for so I took the easy way out with flowers and lunch with my sister in tow.

I did a patch for a friend to get some practice out of the way. I found a 10 pack of rectangular patches for a $1 at Wal Mart. Didn’t know what to put on them until her!

“Octocutie” patch!

Still got a few projects I’m working on. One is Gunter from Adventure Time! Hopefully he’ll be done by the weekend. Here’s what I got on him so far.

13″ on SC in black -.-

There’s some more needlework in my hoop. This is meant for a friend’s house warming- so hopefully I’ll get it done by tomorrow. I need to add a frame of flowers and birds…..need to get an actual frame too…..

We’re humorous. ^^

So even without school, I’m a busy little bee. Thankfully, I actually enjoy this. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more cross stitch this summer!

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