So many projects

Happy Etsy Craft Day, everyone!

If you follow my Facebook fan page you might have heard that I had been planning a party for today. Unfortunately scheduling with my work did not work out and I was derailed in some of the planning process due to my depression. Hopefully, everyone has a great day full of crafting anyway!

I’m currently working on recreating the dress I had made for my Maria doll. A friend, who has ordered from me twice before, fell in love with the ruffley dress and wanted it for her latest doll. It’s definitely going to be a learning experience since the original outfit is a physical part of the doll and must now be made removable. I can make a simple dress, so the skirt and torso part will be a breeze. However, the off the shoulder ruffle and sleeves will need some thinking.

I’m excited to see the finished dress though since I’m using a lovely dark green and the doll will have a mass of curly red hair to really set it off!

Original Dress

Yesterday, I made a trip to my favorite store, Micheals. My bank account isn’t completely empty, but I’m really excited to get into my purchases! Since my interest in embroidery is expanding, I picked up some transfer paper because my drawing skills have really declined. I also picked up an iron transfer pen to make my own transfers from illustrations I have around the house.

For my first transfer project, I am going to use a white string knapsack that I also bought at Mike’s to make something for myself. Which is completely unheard of. I can’t decide if I want to make it something to advertise my Etsy with or to just have it be all queer and angry.

I also bought a cross stitch apron pattern to make for my sweet Alice. It has three cupcakes and says the “Sweet Life.” She seems excited by it, so I’m eager to start it so she’ll have a cute apron to wear. She currently has a mustard yellow apron that I’ve been saying I’ll embellish, but haven’t been inspired.

So, with all these things to do, I’ve decided to add more to my weekend projects. Today, I listed a set of three crocheted rice balls for play food. This has inspired me to make actually onigiri! The recipes have assured me that it isn’t too hard, but I’m still very excited!

Like a lot of modern American teenagers, a lot of my exposure to Japan came through anime and manga. Rice balls stuck out to me because of how common they were in any book I picked up- but they were legit customizable! I plan to make them for the first time ever on Saturday, so look out for a blog post covering them in the next few days!

This is going to be an interesting/busy week. And Orange is the New Black is back today!!!!!! This is a great Friday!

Happy crafting (and Netflix bingeing!)


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