Onigiri Adventures!

Recently I listed a set of three rice balls. They’re fun and perfect for playing restaurant. Posting them inspired me to make my (edible) onigiri!

I live in semi small town, so I was a little worried about finding the basic ingredients. According to a friend who joined me in this adventure, our Walmart only recently starting carrying rice wine. I had a hard time finding some affordable sushi rice because of how the store organizes items.

Thankfully, rice balls don’t take that much to make. All the recipe I found here called for was sushi rice, seaweed, and a choice of filling. I chose to use salmon, chicken, and octopus.

On Saturday morning, I got up early to go to the park to exercise with some friends. Afterwards, we all came back to my place to make rice balls and stir fry. It was pretty fun though none of us could really make the ball thing work. The recipe said to make sure to wet our hands…..that was kind of neglected. So most of the rice ended up on our hands. It was also hard to keep a ball formed, even though the rice was pretty sticky.

Rice glove!

Sooooo……we turned it into poor kid’s sushi.

They tasted really good and went well with the veggie stir fry! Perhaps next time we’ll do it a little more by the book if we want actually rice balls. Till then, I found a nice little way to fix my sushi cravings and add a nice side to the reg stir fry dinner.

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