#ThrowbackPatternThursday : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I’ve been crocheting since 2009/2010 when I found an extremely helpful book in the high school library. Crochet became my go to for present making. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, you name it.

Around May 2010, I crocheted my friend Anaiza the four ninja turtles for her birthday. Yeah, we’re a little old for dolls, so what? They were ooo’d and awwwww’d over and (in my opinion) won the best gift. I was really proud of those dolls.

Now, looking back at the pictures in my craft album, I wonder how much I’ve improved. Certainly my shapes have gotten better and I no longer use googly eyes as often.

Yesterday, I decided to return to the pattern that I used to make these dolls. This was originally posted by underthemountain on craftster. Find it here. It really is a wonderful pattern. I noticed right off that I was able to read it better and go a little bit faster.

I only made one doll. It took about 5 or less hours for me to complete it. And it turned out waaaay better than these four.

It’s really cool to be able to use the same pattern and have it turn out differently years later. I’m glad to see improvements in my skill.

I will probably be doing more of these as I have a lot of patterns that I would like to retry now that I have more experience.

How have your skills improved since day 1?

Happy crafting!


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