#ThrowbackPatternThursday : Poptart Cats

Hello everyone! Taking my idea from last month with Donatello, I have decided to revisit another old pattern that I found when I was just learning to crochet.

These are “Pop Tart Cats.” I made them for a feline loving friend four years ago for her birthday. Honestly, most of my crochet went to friends as gifts so you will be reading that story through out the #Throwback project.

They’re cute and lovely, but their pastry needs some new filling. I decided to do something new this time around and give them more of that classic Pop Tart look. Think Nyan Cat, but no rainbows and song.

The first one I’m working on is “Oreo Cookie.” The other one will be strawberry “flavored.” I’m excited to see how these will look fresh from the toaster!

Edit: 09/20/2014- Here are some pictures of my poptart cats! 🙂

IMG_20140908_172901 IMG_20140910_165428

Have you gone back to redesign an old pattern, readers?

Happy hookin!


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