Pinned it & Did it: Decoupage Letters

Pinterest has long been a personal addiction of mine and fellow crafters. It’s easy to get sucked into hours of searching and pinning craft ideas, workouts, and meal prep advice. Sometimes I actually try something that I pin, and sometimes I don’t.

Wednesday was definitely a “Pin it and try it” sort of day.

My friend Sarah, a girl I have known since high school, is currently in the process of packing up her Texas life and moving to Indiana. She is pursuing her graduates in Library Science at a really beautiful campus. It looks a lot like Hogwarts.

I was wracking my mind for something to make her. She likes cats, plays three different instruments. loves to read, and is on Tumblr alot. Unfortunately, my mind was blank. Until, that is, I turned to Pinterest to help me out.

“Librarian gifts” “Book lover gifts” “Library crafts”

Found on

Decoupage in general seems to be all the rage right now. It was definitely popping up a lot in my searches. The Dr. Seuss image above really inspired me to try it with a book I had picked up at a garage sale.

Normally, I do not destroy books. If I don’t like a book, I donate it. Or stick it on my bookshelf to collect dust for a few years. I felt guilty holding the book in my hands with the intention to rip it apart. Especially since I only needed a few pages and didn’t want to render it unreadable.  Luckily, I flipped to the back and found an excerpt for the next book in the series. It wouldn’t be too bad to rip that out.

All I needed to really buy for this craft was Modge Podge (I chose Puzzle Saver), a wooden letter, and a wooden applique. I decided on a bird because I wanted my decoupage letter to have a nature theme.


It’s not as easy as it looks and it’s pretty messy. I think I spent two hours or so to cut the pages to shape the S and glue it all on. I did front and back. I also added two additional coats of the Modge Podge on top to sort of smooth out any pieces and to create a protective coating.

I wanted to paint the book pages to form a background for my bird applique. Since my acrylic paint was dark, I mixed small bits of it with water to help create a wash effect. I used green along the bottom of the S to create a tree for my bird to sit in and used blue for the sky. I messed up a little bit on the green section, but luckily the bird covered that up. Again, I chose to paint both sides of the S.

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to paint the bird, so I went with a red body and blue wing. I liked the effect of the wing edges being unpainted so I left it like that.


Parts of me really liked how it turned out, but I’m not sure I’ll do another decoupage letter like this. Sarah and other friends really seemed to like it and there were many requests for their own letters. It was cheap enough. I believe I spent $10 in total, but it was time consuming and messy. I guess they’ll have to wait and see if I love them enough to make one. 😉

What have you tried doing off Pinterest?


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