2017- The Year of the Crafty

For many, 2016 was such a draaaaaaaaaag and many of us eagerly awaited the new year. I know I did.

Even though the end of 2016 brought along some much needed change, I felt like I couldn’t truly start over in anything until January 1st hit. New Year Resolutions may be cultural propaganda, but the reset definitely helps with change. I finally got settled in a new apartment, in a new town. I’ve been more successful with my jogging schedule. And more crafting has definitely been happening in 2017. Or maybe my projects are just bigger.

In the past month, I have started on another shell stitch blanket to use up leftover pink camouflage yarn from my mom’s blanket/pillow set. I’ve doubled up on the yarn, which makes the blanket toasty, but I may have to break my no yarn buying rule to finish it up. I have also started on a floor pillow cover, using a strand of multi-color yarn and a strand of white.

Double Crochet Stitch with an I hook may be the death of this project. 

It’s not a lot of starting projects though- I’ve also finished up a few things, like those messy bun beanies everyone’s making. Hats in general have been a fixation for me, even though more of them have wound up in my project bin than going anywhere. Looking for a good home for several of them if you know of any local, Texas non-profits looking to donate hats to the less fortunate.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Mom is rocking her bun beanie in time for the Texas freeze!

A big piece of news I would like to leave with ya’ll is that xBlue Unicorn Crafts will no longer be ‘handmade in Stephenville, Tx.’ My life journey has brought me to Cow Town- Fort Worth, Texas. Not a huge change, and you’ll probably still see me floating around the Sville area, but definitely a needed change.

As always, look on my Instagram for my recent projects. Facebook and the blog will be getting a face lift within the next month, to encourage me to share my crafting experiences and inspire ya’ll to make 2017 your craftiest year yet.

I hope ya’ll are enjoying the new year so far!


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