(March)ing my way to a craft coma

Greetings and salutations, crafters and people I force to read my blog posts!

This month is National Craft Month and I’ve attempted to be crafty every. single. day.

Some of it has been easy. Just start a blanket and continue it for several days. And I’ve even gotten my clay out again. It’s relaxing and calming, but I did manage to fall out of my challenge relatively quickly. As I may have mentioned before, I struggle with depression and it has seemed more intense since I moved to Fort Worth. The different crafts have been a great way to channel my energy into something positive, but on some days I have been happy to just be able to craft a smile. The good thing about my challenges is that I can always return to them, without feeling guilty. (My craft stash isn’t going anywhere.)

Last week was Spring Break for my area. Since I now work at a university, I expected to have a well deserved week off to spend sleeping in and cleaning out my closet. Alas, it was not to be. However, I was able to bring my crafting into the workplace with a Spring Break Service Project.


I suggested to my co-workers at Tarleton State University- Fort Worth that we spend some of our down time crocheting for a cause. As I had to teach a few of them how to crochet, it was decided to start small. We made preemie sized hats for Dallas Children’s Hospital. A few of my coworkers had stories to share about the premature births in their families and the gratitude they felt towards the different wards that had brought care and comfort to their loved ones. This was a great project to pay that kindness forward.

We used this pattern from Heart Hook Home. I recommend looking at Ashlea’s other posts. Besides crochet, she has some yummy looking recipes that make my vegetarian heart weep.

I’m still relatively green to the campus, so I’m glad I got to sit and work with so many of my coworkers! They’re a groovy pack of people that I’m glad to be working with. Being able to coordinate a successful service project like this one makes me feel like Tarleton is a good fit for me. A few members of the group have even kept crocheting the little hats so we could have more to send to Dallas Children’s. (So far we’re at 9!)

We still have 10 days to go until the end of March and I’m hoping to finish out the month strong. Keep an eye on the Instagram  for more pictures- whether as works in progress or as finished products of awesomeness. There are a few finished projects I haven’t posted yet!

If you have any projects to show off, tag me on insta at @xblueunicorncrafts. I’d love to see what ya’ll are coming up with!

Happy crafting!


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