Five Quick and Easy Projects for the Last Minute Gifter (Free Crochet Pattern Links)

Life has a habit of getting away from us if we’re not paying attention. It feels like I just blinked and suddenly it’s no longer a hot, July day but  two weeks away from Christmas. (Couple that with a move this weekend and other projects, and you can say I’m feeling a bit pressed for time.)

Luckily, my group, The Crafty Unicorns, is filled with people who know what to do in these exact situations. And since I’m a nice person, I thought I’d share what our group think tank came up with.

  1. Hats

‘Tis the season to keep your noggin warm and everyone appreciates a custom made hat. Here’s an easy pattern for beginners, a lovely slouch (my favorite kind to make), and something fun for anyone on your list.

Bonus: A Messy Bun Hat

2. Slippers

I’m gonna go ahead and put my full backing behind these “Cloud 9 Slippers” made using the Bernat Blanket yarn. I have made a few pairs already  and very pleased with the results. There is nothing better.

3. Coin Purses

Even though it seems increasingly rare to find someone with change on them, coin purses can still be fairly useful. They can hold gum, credit cards, chap stick, etc.  Make one for your photography buff or sushi lover.

Bonus: Here’s a mesh tote for an environmentally conscience shopper.

4. Dice Bags

The hard to shop for gamer can never have too many cool dice bags to show off at the weekly DnD session. But the question is- should you go with a dragon egg design or the classic Poke-Ball? And if you have a little bit more time, check out this D12 design!

5.  Christmas Ornaments

It might be weird to think of giving a tree ornament the day before many trees are kicked to the curb, but a handmade ornament can say a lot. A few small stitches say “I love you” “I appreciate you” “I’m willing to stick around a few more Christmas seasons so hang this up.” I personally decided to crochet these small star ornaments out of cotton yarn for my office mates this year and so far, everyone has loved them. I’m sure you’ll find a million patterns on Pinterest, but here a few faves: a string of lights that won’t burn out, non-melting snow man (for my fellow Texans), and these cute Christmas trees.

Bonus: A Star Wars bauble since that’s the best part of the season!

I hope these ideas have sparked some needlework for you. You’ve officially got 14 days until the 25th, so good luck!

Stay warm and keep crafting,

xoxo Bertie

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