Crochet for Texan Athletes

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday- and if not, I hope you are rejoicing that we’re only TWO DAYS FROM FRIDAY!

This past weekend (February 3rd- 4th) was the 49th annual Texas Special Olympics. The organizers of the event were asking for crochet/knit scarves to give out to the participating athletes this year. I was surprised to learn they have been doing this for a couple of years now, but nonetheless, I was excited to participate.

Mind you, I only discovered this a week before the deadline!

The instructions were to crochet a 6in X 6ft scarf with 2 colors minimum. However one of the colors had to be black to show the scarf was from the 2018 games. Simple enough!

I made three scarves over four days. It was tiring, but also a great stash buster.

I’ll admit that I’m an “out of sight, out of mind” type of person, so I honestly forgot how much color I had hiding in my yarn stash!

The Special Olympics Texas organization received over 3000 scarves from all over the country. You can see a few pictures of them on the Facebook event page. It’s very inspiring to see so many crafters get together for this type of cause!

I’m glad to have found this in my home state of Texas. I’ve already put the 2019 games on my calendar and you can bet that I’ll be working on scarves throughout the year. But! I want to challenge my readers and fellow crochet/knit folk to join me!

Here is the message from the scarf coordination team about the 2019 Stash Busters event:

You asked for it….and you’ve got it! So use up your stash again this year (if you have any left) and use as many colors as you want. This, however, is a very special year for Special Olympics Texas. It is our 50th Anniversary. So, in honor of the 50th (Golden Anniversary) our one additional color will be “gold”. It can be a shiny gold, a mustard gold tone, gold beads, crocheted or knitted gold stars to attach, gold star buttons…..any combination you want…..please just include some gold! We want to make this year’s scarves really stand out for the 50th!

The other guidelines are similar to years past:
1) Dimensions are 6” x 60” (approximately) This is important because many of our athletes are over 6 feet tall. The wider scarf looks better on them.
2) Machine washable and dryable yarns
3) No Ziploc bags, please
4) ATTACH a small personal note with yarn to your scarf encouraging and/or congratulating the athlete who receives it. Be sure to put your name only on the back of the scarf. It means so much to the athletes to know who personally made their scarf.
5) Please include your name and mailing address on a separate piece of paper with your scarves. We collect these because one of our athletes loves to write thank you notes. She does her best to respond to as many as she can (It’s a lot of thank you notes).
6) If you are sending your scarves by mail, please include a note in the box with the number of scarves inside. This really helps our counters. You can mail your scarves to :
Special Olympic Texas
1804 Rutherford Lane
Austin, Texas 78754
The deadline for receiving scarves at headquarters will be January 25, 2019.
You may contact me at 512-750-2735 or at if you have any questions.
Thank you in advance for your participation in our 50th Anniversary scarf project.
Amy Macari and Team
Volunteer Scarf Coordinator

Image may contain: stripes
The sample photo has definitely given me plenty of ideas for scarves to make.
If you have any questions about the event or the Special Olympics program in Texas, I suggest reaching out the team through their Facebook.
In the meantime, I hope you guys keep warm throughout this extended winter. I’ll be working on my annual donation for the Vagina Monologues for most of February and can’t wait to show you guys what I got on my hooks. It’s a little bit different from my usual uteri. 😉
Keep crafting!

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