Plant Something You Can’t Kill (free pattern)

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m still riding the high of a craftastic weekend. Finished up some canvas projects, started a blanket, and worked on some more charity items. I also binge watched A LOT of Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Pinterest was a big help to me over the weekend as I looked for inspiration and patterns. As I was digging around in one of (many) my craft drawers, I found some small terracotta pots that I bought who knows how long ago. I had been wanting to crochet some small plants to go in them, so I thought, Why not now? After all, I was on my “last” episode of the night, so I could do something quick. Right?

I found this wonderfully simple and cute succulent plant pattern from Whistle and Ivy.  I’ve only down small flowers before, so this project definitely brought me out of my comfort zone.

Bethany’s pattern is only for the succulent. But I did a little experimentation to create the soil for my new plant. As you see, my pot was pretty tiny. I used a small amount of brown cotton yarn and an E hook. This is all based on the width of the bottom of the pot, the height, and then the width of the top of the pot.

  1. Chain 2, SC 6 in the first chain
  2. SC 2 in each stitch (12 st)
  3. SC 1 around
  4. SC 1 around
  5. SC 1 around
  6. SC 2, SC 1 around (18 st)
  7. SC 1 around
  8. SC 1 around
  9. SC 1, SC2Tog around (12 st)
  10. Stuff with polyfill
  11. SC2Tog around until closed

Find the pattern for the succulent here: Bethany provides two different styles and offers a few different ideas on how to display your new plant. So if you don’t want to crochet your soil, there are other options!

Here is how my project turned out:

I’m actually really pleased with it! It now sits on my fireplace mantel and meets my green needs. I have another (little bit larger) pot that I would like to do something similar. I love plants, but I don’t have the skill to keep them alive. So if you’re like me, this will be a satisfying project.

I’d love to see what your plants look like! Feel free to post pictures in the comments or tag me on instagram! My handle is @xblueunicorncrafts and I live in the #CraftyUnicorn tag.

Keep crafting!


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