The V Word

Happy Monday, my fellow unicorns! Hope you’re able to stumble around gracefully after the loss of one hour of sleep.

If you don’t know, I frequently donate items to my alma mater’s production of the Vagina Monologues. It has been FOUR YEARS since the Tarleton State University Gay-Straight Alliancestarted putting it on annually, and the amount the group has been able to donate to the local women’s services has been phenomenal.


This year, I was worried about the outcome of the show and how it would fare given some obstacles. One, the physical promo fliers hanging around campus kept getting torn down faster than they could be replaced. And two, Texas weather decided to get out of hand the week of the show. The Stephenville campus was actually closed on the performance days, meaning only essential offices were open and classes had been canceled.


But as they say in the entertainment biz, the show must go on! And it did.


I am so happy to see that the show beat out Texas weather and continued with another successful run. The $1003.01 goes to Cross Timber’s Family Services, which is a Stephenville based organization that provides numerous services to the community.

Learn more about the Tarleton State University Gay-Straight Alliance here. 

Learn more about Cross Timbers Family Services here.

Learn more about the Vagina Monologues and VDday here.


Here are the items I donated this year. Last year, I focused on crochet uteri. However, this year I donated more wearables that promoted LGBT pride and school spirit.


What is your favorite charity to contribute to?

Happy crafting!


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