Unboxing a Mystery Box: A Review for Suncatcher Craft Eyes

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re doing well and making it through March. Can you believe April is just around the corner? February dragged a lot, but this month is just FLYING! (I think it has something to do with me committing to a huge birthday project for my boyfriend…..)

But ya’ll will see that sooner or later. (Read: later) I want to talk about the event I participated in this month that was hosted by Suncatcher Craft Eyes. If you don’t know about Danielle and her work, I encourage you to click on that hyperlink! She makes beautiful safety eyes for crafters like me that like to make dolls and small animals. I’ve recently started stocking up on them, so you will definitely be seeing them in my newer projects.

Every month or so, Danielle hosts a Mystery Box event where you can pay anywhere from $5 to $25 and get a box of random craft eyes. I splurged a little and went for a $10 Mystery Box. It arrived in a very timely manner (surprising since the event was a little bit bigger than expected) and I was very surprised by how many quality eyes I received! img_0276

I received six pairs of eyes of varying styles and sizes. Here’s a quick rundown of what I got:

  • 1x 20mm Speckled Blue
  • 2x 18mm Colorburst ‘Fire’ and Hologram Yellow Cat
  • 1x 15mm Dragon Green
  • 1x 9mm Hologram Pink
  • 1x 7.5 mm Opaque Lilac


Aren’t they absolutely stunning? I can’t wait to drag out my yarn and start making some new creations based around them!

This has been my second order with Suncatcher Craft Eyes and I am happy with the service I have received so far. I get a LOT of communication from this small business about my order and have received both orders soon after ordering.

So before I leave ya’ll for the week, I want to reiterate the whole point of this post-

GO BUY FROM SUNCATCHER CRAFT EYES! Or at least check out what Danielle offers. 🙂

Happy crafting!


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