Journal Review: My Crochet Project Journal

It’s another Monday here in Fort Worth, Texas, but it does feel a little different. Maybe it’s the shot in the arm I got this morning or the “fresh start” I’m trying for this week. Either way, it feels like a good day.

Last week I received a crochet project journal that I ordered through . With my stack of WIP, I figured I needed something to help keep me on track and this journal delivers!

It is 8.5in x 11in and offers plenty of writing space. There’s enough pages for you to record 90 different projects. Do you think you crochet a lot? This will definitely help with your bragging rights.


I was digging through my tote of unfinished project a few weeks ago. Have you done that recently? Did you also realize that you forgot what those random crochet pieces were supposed to be? Same here. A lot of frogging happened that day. 😦  Having pages outlined like this will be very helpful to help catalog what I’m doing since I tend to project hop a lot. And now I can totally make a case to get one of those Instax cameras so that my journal is filled with photos from past projects.

Some other cool features of this journal are the index pages (so you know where to find that project you recorded three months ago) and the tip pages. If you’re new to the craft (or temporarily forget terminology during stitch count) this journal offers a Crochet Hook Conversion Chart (US/UK), Steel Hook Chart (thread hooks), Crochet Term Abbreviations, General Crochet Terminology,  and a list Basic Crochet Stitches (US/UK). And while there is a notes section on each project page, there is also an additional two pages for notes in the back of the journal.


So far, the only issues I have with this journal are purely cosmetic. My minor in college was in Tech Writing and I have a big interest in Graphic Design. The cover is a very beautiful teal color, however the graphic on the front and back came out to be very pixelated. There are also a few grammar mistakes, if stuff like that bothers you.

For a $7.99 purchase, I am thoroughly pleased. I was able to break it in last night with a new project that I started with the end of my baby yarn stash. (It’s another giant granny square blanket.) It fits in my project bag- and it doesn’t get lost, which is a HUGE plus. I recommend this for the crochet addicts who also need some organization.

Get one for yourself here: Crochet Project Journal

How do you keep yourself organized when it comes to your craft? What other products do you think I should check out to continue to get my crochet life in balance?

Happy crafting!


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