Mother’s Day Wreath: Free Pattern

You’re never too old to give your mother something handmade, though at some point you both outgrow the loom band potholders.

My mom has finally gotten around to decorating the house she purchased two years ago. I try not to load her down with a bunch of knick knacks, but I thought a wreath might fit perfectly into her decor plan.

Mom seemed to really love it when I gave it to her this past Sunday. Her favorite flower has always been tulips. Shout out to my brother Matt for suggesting the butterfly addition.

Crochet wreaths have been popping up more recently lately. Honestly, this is the second wreath I have made with yarn. This is the kind of project that’s great at eating at any left over yarn you just have hanging around.


  • Foam Wreath (I got mine from JoAnn)
  • Yarn (I used 2-3 balls of Lily’s Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn in Warm Brown for the wreath, a little bit of Lily’s Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn in Country Green for the vines and leaves, and assorted colors from my scraps for the flowers)
  • Clip on Butterflies (Snagged from the craft section at Dollar Tree)
  • Hook: H for the wreath, G for the flowers and leaves
  • Yarn Needle
  • I used this pattern from RepeatCrafterMe for the tulips and leaves

With the H hook and brown yarn, I started a chain until it fit snuggly around my foam wreath form. This will vary depending on your wreath form. I crocheted 10 starting chains, crocheted one more and then turned to start my second row. You will basically be crocheting a skinny scarf and then sewing it onto the wreath form. I alternated my stitches between single and half double crochet to create some sort of texture. That experiment didn’t turn out so well. :p But I also didn’t SC till my brains fell out.

After the “scarf” is sewn around the wreath, I took my extra brown and did some surface crochet chains. You can see how it looks in the picture below.


I added my tulips to the wreath after this, with some left over yarn and a yarn needle. I created the stems the same way I did the vines before. With green, you’ll pick a spot where you want the stem to start and surface chain until you’re happy.

The butterflies were a last minute addition- a great suggestion from my brother Matt. I grabbed them from the Dollar Store craft area and chose the best spot for both of them. They clip in, so you can play around with the placement.


This wasn’t typed up in the traditional pattern format, but I hope you enjoy this as craft inspiration! If I need to clear up my instructions, just let me know. 🙂

Happy crafting!


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