The Yarn I LOVE To Spend Money On

Greetings everyone!

Even though it may not look like it, I have been crocheting up a storm. When summer hit, I decided that this was the year I’d take advantage of the seven month gap before Christmas. My yarn bins have been slowly emptying. However, I can’t really show anything new off at the moment. My supportive family follows me on all the Blue Unicorn social media and I can’t chance any surprises being ruined before the holiday.

Different projects require different yarns. Throughout the years, I have been donated a variety of yarn- from scratchy sports yarn to fine, baby-approved softness. I’ve been going through a lot of it this year and even more so as I make my Christmas gifts. There have been some yarns that I have absolutely fallen head over heels for and will definitely look for them when I start building my stash back up.

  1. Bernat Blanket Yarn

So you’ve probably heard me proclaiming my love of this yarn over on my Instagram. I discovered it last year and love how versatile it is. I’m usually not a fan of crocheting blankets because of the time suck, but this yarn works up really quick. With four rows and a two to three days, I had a decent adult sized throw blanket. Besides blankets, I have also made slippers and scarves to the delight of friends and family. It’s so thick and soft! I’ve also seen my fellow crafters making toys, pillows, and whatever else comes to mind. There’s a few variations of this yarn- like the Bundle Brights line. This has a combination of yarn textures that makes for fun blankets.

Admittedly, this yarn can be a little pricey, but the Joanns near me has it on sale regularly.

2. Red Heart SuperSaver

What yarn list would be complete without Red Heart? I jump for joy whenever I get some gifted because I can use it for EVERYTHING. Hats? Check. Scarves? Check. Dolls? HECK YES. Check! This is an affordable option for beginners and experts (or anyone who gets the itch to crochet at 3:00 in the morning).

I’ve even used it for blankets as some types of Red Heart are softer than others. I found some ways that claim to soften the rougher yarn to blanket softness. There’s currently a project on my hook that’ll benefit from these tutorials, so I’ll be experimenting with those soon enough.

3. Bernat Baby Coordinates

It tickles me that I complain about making blankets, but I have voluntarily made six baby blankets in the last year. It’s true that my baby fever is high and my only reasonable outlet is to make crochet items for other people’s babies. My mom picked up a tote of yarn at a yard sale a few years ago. When I opened it up, it was mostly full of Bernat Baby Coordinates. Some of the colors seem to have been discontinued, but I have loved making things with this yarn. It is soft and easy to work with. There have been a couple of snags during projects, but it is important to note how thin this fiber is.

Yellow is actually in my top five favorite colors.  I mixed the daisy yellow/ white variegated yarn with a light yellow to make two unique baby blankets. I still have some pink and green left over in this brand and I look forward to working with it again.

Those are my top three because after that it gets waaaaaay too competitive. I also haven’t gotten a chance to work a lot with some of the yarn that is still packed away. Thought of the day: Being a crocheter is 10% crochet and 90% yarn collecting/sorting/etc. I’ll most likely be updating this post once I get through the Caron and Lions Brand Homespun

What is your favorite yarn to work with? What yarn works best with what project?

Keep crafting, y’all~


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