Broken Hooks and Bad Cats; A Tale of Horror

Gather round, readers. On this first day of Halloween, I have a story that will chill your bones and disturb your sleep.

This past weekend, I was looking to take advantage of some free time and crochet. The fall is a busy time for my day job, so it’s necessary to grab these quiet moments as I can. I whipped up two beanies- a Mimikyu hat for Austyn and a small grey hat with two pink stripes.  I had some 15mm Cat Eyes from Suncatcher Craft Eyes begging to be used, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

This cute cat caught my eye. Perhaps it was the hat/scarf combo or that I thought the pattern would be perfect for my leftover Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Dove.  It wasn’t quite the right weight of yarn for the project, but I’m stubborn and decided to use the recommended hook any way.

When I crochet amigurumi, my tension tends to be tight. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.


As I was working on the head (about row 14), my poor hook snapped in two.  It happened with very little warning, but the blow was devastating. It was honestly like the Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough at Last.” Okay, maybe not quite like that, but I’m not a person who likes their down time to be interrupted.

Luckily, I had a spare D hook and I was able to finish the head. I used the gorgeous eyes that started this journey and added a cute nose, even some ears. It seemed as though this cat would be purring in my arms soon enough.



The pattern for the body is worked from the feet up. This is something I often do when I work on my human dolls. There was an added plus of a few cute bobble stitches for the toes. I was working my way up the leg when disaster struck again.


The innocent smile of the car that I had just stitched on moments before seemed to turn sinister as I stared in disbelief. Another hook had broken and I did not have a replacement on hand as I had before. The foot dangled loosely in my hand as I took a breath to steady myself.

Honestly, dear readers, I’m not sure how I survived the tragedy of this weekend. I had to set down a project I was really looking forward to completing. Even worse, I started making CHRISTMAS ornaments just to have something to do. *Shudder*

The only cool thing to have come out of this weekend was that Mimikyu hat that I mentioned earlier in the post. I’ll talk a little bit more about that and share the free pattern I developed next week. 🙂


Until then readers, what is one of your craft horror stories?



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