Craftmas 2018: Painted Ornaments

Hello everyone! We’re firmly in the  Christmas season- or at least that’s how I feel. I wait until the Thanksgiving food coma has passed and December officially starts before I pull out the red and green.

I started my handmade gift projects back in August because we all know that some things will take longer than we originally planned them. However, some last minute gift ideas came up for several groups that I’m in and I had to act fast. While my main craft activity is and will always be crochet, I took a break to paint some handmade ornaments.

Salt Dough Ornaments are hands down my favorite holiday activity from my youth. My mom still has some of my original works that make their way onto her tree every year. While they can sometimes be time consuming, they are also easy and fun to make! It’s just like making sugar cookies- although I would advise against sneaking bites of dough.

All you need is the dough, a few fun cookie cutter shapes, and paint. Finding a really good recipe can be difficult. I like to take a basic recipe, like the one found here, and adjust as needed. Most of my issues comes with rolling out the dough, but that’s my issue with sugar cookies too.

I found a pack of 24 shimmery paints at Walmart for $12.

I found this cute unicorn cookie cutter a few years ago at Micheal’s and decided to make a few ornaments for an ornament decorating station at a holiday party last year. I still had a few blank unicorns left over so I painted them for my workout group.


Since May, I have been volunteering with a local group called LGBTQ SAVES. The youth I have met through this organization are amazing and I am happy to have the opportunity to see them grow into their authentic selves.

Earlier this month, we had our 4th Annual Youth Pride event. Some of my coworkers got together to provide an ornament painting station for the attendees. We had some materials left over, so I painted some Pride Flag ornaments for our members.

Top Row; from left: Rainbow Pride Flag, Transgender Pride Flag, Ally, Genderqueer Pride Flag Bottow Row; from left: Bisexual Pride Flag, Asexual Pride Flag, Intersex Pride Flag, Pansexual Pride Flag, Nonbinary Pride Flag

On the back of each flag was the organization’s name. I tried to make 2-4 of each due to the identities of the members. I also made a few glittery Ally ornaments for our youth leaders and the parents that attend the meetings.

These were really fun to make and it was worth seeing how happy everyone was to have something that represented them.


I can’t wait until next month when I can show off the rest of my Craftmas gifts. This year I made a few big gifts for certain family members and also participated in the #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa. So look out for the January posts! 🙂

What fun Christmas crafts did you do this year? OR What crafts topped your list as a kid?

Until next time!

Keep crafting,


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