I Love You Lots: Heart Wreath Pattern

Hello fellow crafters and those who aspire to pick up a hook!

It’s February and that means hearts are EVERYWHERE. I’ll admit it- I’m a romantic. Although the commercialization of Valentine’s Day is not my thing, I do enjoy seeing the special treats that are widely available right now. Soft, fluffy plushies and chocolate covered strawberries? Sign me up!

These past few weeks I have been preparing for a craft show in Stephenville. The whole show is centered around Valentine’s Day and love to support the dance team. So of course, I have been working on a few items that fit the theme.

While at Dollar Tree, I found these wire bases for wreaths at a great price compared to the dedicated craft stores. I found the popular round design, but also a heart shape! The minute I saw them, a great idea popped into my head.

You can find your own one here.

These forms are 12″ and a good price if you want to try your hand at wreathe making without the investment. I definitely grabbed a few for experimentation!

The idea resulted in the wreaths you see above. I chose to stick with a soft pink and white rose theme for the Valentine season and a fun pom-pom look in Tarleton State colors.

While it might look complicated, these were actually easy to make, but do require a little bit of time. Keep reading to learn how I made them.

Pink and White Roses Wreath

Necessary Supplies:

Skip to My Lou’s Rose Pattern is simple and quick to work up. If you’re wanting a bunch of different sized roses, all you need to do is change the hook size.

Using the I Hook (5.5mm), I found that I needed at least 40 roses to cover the entire heart wreath. I left a long yarn tail on my roses that I used to tie them to the wreath form, as seen below.

It’s important that you tie them on tight enough that they are not falling off of the wreath. However, you may still want to keep the roses loose enough so that you are able to arrange the roses as you put it all together.

Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Necessary Supplies:

My craft show takes place on the campus of Tarleton State University. I chose to incorporate pom poms into this wreath because I thought it might be nice dorm room decor. I used the colors of the university (with an added shade of purple because I ran out of the darker shade). You can choose to use your university colors or combine a few of your favorite colors to make this a unique piece! I’m wanting to do rainbow for my next one.

I made about 40 pom poms to cover the wreath form. I’ll dig the bigger one out for next time, because this was the most time consuming part! Like the roses for the other wreath, I left a long yarn tail on each pom pom to tie them to the wreath form.

You’ll want to group the pom poms as tightly together when attaching them to the form. I suggest attaching them by groups so that you can use the other yarn tails to anchor them together.

Admittedly, the poms do take away from the heart shape of the wreath, but you can use this method to try on any shape of wreath form!

I’d love to see your handcrafted wreaths! Feel free to post pictures in the comments or tag me on Instagram @xblueunicorncrafts.

Happy crafting!


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