Viking Cats with Viking Hats

Sometimes crochet projects go viral on Facebook and I can’t help but groan because I know that over the course of the next week, I will be tagged in the same post countless times and it’ll be for a project that I won’t want to make.

And then there are other times, when friends send me a picture that they saw online and I get so excited that they are asking me to make it. I am talking, of course, of projects like Viking Hats for pets.

Earlier this month, my friend Prairie tagged me in a photo of a cat wearing a crocheted Viking hat. As a nerd, she naturally had to have some for her cats. And luckily, she could bring in a fellow nerd to help make this a reality.

I used Posh Pooch Designs’ Viking Dog Hat simply because I thought it was the better design. It is a paid pattern, but it is worth it! Sara provided great instruction and pictures in the instant download PDF.

My poor cat Sirius very graciously allowed me to use her as model to see how that hat fit and to situate the ear holes. Doesn’t she look cute?

The pattern is written for a chihuahua, but Sara’s pattern also helps you figure out the best fit for your small animal.

It took no time to whip up two hats for Prairie’s two cats to enjoy.

Almost immediately after they were done, my coworker asked to have one made for her cats as well. Only, could this one have a beard? And that answer was YES!

If you’ve made a Beard Beanie before, then you’ll find it easy to include a beard on Sara’s viking hat for your little viking.

These were fun to make for Prairie and my coworker, Lindsey. Sirius didn’t quite seem to enjoy her time as a viking, so I didn’t make her one to keep.

It’s definitely not the weirdest thing I’ve tried to make her wear. That would be her Halloween Costume- a piece of candy corn with a mouse riding on top!

What has been the weirdest thing you’ve put on your cats? Or other pets? Answer in the comment section- bonus points if you leave a picture!


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