Since my second year of college, I have owned pet rats. They’re lovable, playful, and just the right size. The perfect pet, in my opinion, but their life span is too short for my heart. My last rat, Lily, passed away in 2017 and I decided to take a break.

Lily the Rat (2015 – 2017)

Last month, on a whim, I decided to visit Petsmart and look at their small animals. Don’t judge me- it’s a great pick-me-up to go watch the little rats, mice, and hamsters play in their enclosures. Most of the time I can resist from taking them home with me but not that day.

Two nearly identical hooded girls came up to the glass and before I knew it, I was asking the associate if I could handle them. Then I was buying food, a few new toys, and was headed home. Once again, a proud rat parent.

Honeysuckle & Dewdrop (2019)

I decided to name them Honeysuckle and Dewdrop just because I wanted a floral/nature naming theme. Honeysuckle (Honey/Honeybun for short and Honeysuckle Merriweather Collins for long) is quite the adventurer so far.Very curious and quick to try out something “dangerous”. She’s quickly become my little circus rat.

The Amazing Honey!

Dewdrop (Dewey for short and Dewdrop Sullivan McGill for long) is the more timid of the sisters. But also a giant snuggle bug! She seems content to just sit with me as we watch Honey zoom around the living room.

It’s amazing how quickly these little girls have sniffed and squeaked their way into my heart. Although the break was much needed, I missed having these little beans in my life. I am excited to have Honey and Dewey and can’t wait to explore their personalities more!

Here’s a little video of the girls playing on my bed!

Sorry for the lack of crafts this week. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming next time. 🙂


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