A Fantastic Birth Month

Happy Saturday, Readers!

I hope everyone has had a lovely April. With the new rattos in my life, it has made my birthday month that much sweeter. Even better, my mom, siblings, and grandparents came up to Fort Worth to celebrate my birthday last weekend!

I’ve lived in DFW for two years, but I haven’t taken the time to truly explore the area. This month definitely changed that. I saw the Lanterns at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens with my best friend and her girlfriend. It was really cool to see the different lanterns that were spread around the gardens. Some of them had been made with recycled water bottles, which I thought was really cool.

When I was younger, my nana took me to Oklahoma City by a train that left Fort Worth. I had previously taken the train from Fort Worth to Grapevine with a few friends and thought it would be a fun trip to take with her and the rest of our family.

I was right!

It was fun having my family come see my apartment and meet Honey and Dewey. I usually do a lot of driving to Stephenville for our gatherings so this was a real treat!

This month has been so busy, so I am glad I got to spend time with loved ones and get out of the house. Between work and school, it’s hard to do much else! This includes crocheting. 😦

……Although, I did whip up this Oscar P doll for one of my work friends when I wasn’t stressing about a paper deadline. And these Transgender Pride Granny Squares for an upcoming fundraiser.

Well more homework is calling. Hopefully I can finish that up and get in some more hook time.

Later gaters,


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