Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun

2020 may have put a pin in many of my plans, both professionally and personally, but there is one thing that I am excited to still be able to share with ya’ll: I am participating in my first art show. Not a craft show, but an art show!

For years, I have been inspired by countless fiber artists who break the mold and use their crochet as a way to fully explore the medium and to make social statements. Most recently, I have been drooling over the work of Twinkie Chan and a few others who have contributed to the Sweet Tooth Hotel. This “hotel” is an art venue in Dallas that is currently featuring 11 art installations from fiber artists from all over the country. Needless to say, I have been feeling very inspired and am excited to have an outlet.

The show I will be participating in is called “Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun” and it is hosted by Third Space DFW. Third Space is an art collective on a mission to bring queer representation to the Fort Worth art scene. I first met some of their members at LGBTQ SAVES Youth Pride 2019 and have been wanting to collaborate with them ever since.

Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun will be a virtual show exploring the different facets of queer health. While developing my ideas for the show, I am grateful for the opportunity to fully explore what queer health means to me and my body. As an advocate, I tend to speak in statistics and peer reviewed research. I echo the words of those leading some of the most respected LGBTQ+ organizations. Third Space has been the first to ask me how I personally view my health as a queer person with mental illness and undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

While I am working to meet deadlines for this show, you might not see much movement on some of my other projects. I am still hoping to relaunch my online store sometime this month, so keep an eye open for that.

You can follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. I’ll be trying to keep my art show pieces under wraps until the December launch, but I may be tempted to share little bits here and there. You can receive updates about Third Space DFW and the show here (IG), here (FB), and here (Twitter).


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