Of Unicorns and Dreams

Hello! My name is Bertie and I’m the human behind the keyboard at xBlue Unicorn Crafts. I enjoy making amigurumi and other toys for youngins….and occasionally myself. 🙂 I use this blog to document my craft journey and offer others a behind the hooks look of what’s happening in the life of another crafter. While I do operate a small Etsy store, my main focus at the moment is crocheting for charities and making keepsakes for my loved ones.

Throughout the blog, you’ll find a variety of posts. While my main passion is crochet, I do branch out every now and then with something I found on Pinterest. So in between free crochet patterns, you’ll also see if I nailed it or failed it. I’m a big supporter of small business, so I highlight great crafters and their items as I run into them. And then sometimes I just want to write about life and how creative adventures are awesome- so I subject my poor readers to those rambles.

When I’m not tangled in yarn, I’m pretty much like anyone else crawling around the earth. I live and work in Fort Worth, Texas- and yes, I’ll proudly mention I’m Texan as much as I’m allowed to in one conversation. Monday through Friday, 8-5, I’m a university recruiter for the Best Kept Secret in Texas. 5:30-10:00, I’m a slave to Netflix binges and 10:00-6:00am, I’m a slave to my bed, as well as the snuggles of my partner and pet cat.

My craft journey started pretty much the day I was born. I loved to draw and make those school picture ornaments for my mom at Christmas. We also ordered a lot of those Ornamental Trading kits to make a variety of things for family members throughout my younger years. My nana taught me some needle work and tin punching- two things I did with vigor until I learned loom knitting from the Scouts. That ended up being an easy transition to crocheting, which I taught myself. Since then, I’ve dabbled in painting, clay work, and graphic design.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Public Relations and Event Management. Event planning is a fun hobby of mine and I hope to have the chance to share some of those skills with ya’ll on here.

I have a lot of plans to grow my blog and widen the scope of what I write about. Becoming more consistent with posting has reignited a love of writing  and what I do in my after work life. So subscribe now and join in on my personal growth!

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