Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun

2020 may have put a pin in many of my plans, both professionally and personally, but there is one thing that I am excited to still be able to share with ya'll: I am participating in my first art show. Not a craft show, but an art show! For years, I have been inspired by … Continue reading Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun


Since my second year of college, I have owned pet rats. They're lovable, playful, and just the right size. The perfect pet, in my opinion, but their life span is too short for my heart. My last rat, Lily, passed away in 2017 and I decided to take a break. Lily the Rat (2015 - … Continue reading RAT INVASION

Viking Cats with Viking Hats

Sometimes crochet projects go viral on Facebook and I can't help but groan because I know that over the course of the next week, I will be tagged in the same post countless times and it'll be for a project that I won't want to make. And then there are other times, when friends send … Continue reading Viking Cats with Viking Hats

I Love You Lots: Heart Wreath Pattern

Hello fellow crafters and those who aspire to pick up a hook! It's February and that means hearts are EVERYWHERE. I'll admit it- I'm a romantic. Although the commercialization of Valentine's Day is not my thing, I do enjoy seeing the special treats that are widely available right now. Soft, fluffy plushies and chocolate covered … Continue reading I Love You Lots: Heart Wreath Pattern

#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

Hello readers! As a crafter, I am happy to say that the holidays are OVER! This year I took on the challenge of crocheting blankets for some of my family members. As someone who used to hate making blankets, I'm surprised that I finished four blankets and had them ready well before Christmas day. (And … Continue reading #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

Craftmas 2018: Painted Ornaments

Hello everyone! We're firmly in theĀ  Christmas season- or at least that's how I feel. I wait until the Thanksgiving food coma has passed and December officially starts before I pull out the red and green. I started my handmade gift projects back in August because we all know that some things will take longer … Continue reading Craftmas 2018: Painted Ornaments

Mimikyu Crochet Hat: Free Pattern

Happy Tuesday, everyone- depending on where you are located. It's a pretty dismal day in my neck of Texas. Rain since the early hours and a chill that makes me want to turn and run back inside. A perfect day to release a crochet hat pattern, right? I'm about a week behind on my promise, … Continue reading Mimikyu Crochet Hat: Free Pattern