Viking Cats with Viking Hats

Sometimes crochet projects go viral on Facebook and I can't help but groan because I know that over the course of the next week, I will be tagged in the same post countless times and it'll be for a project that I won't want to make. And then there are other times, when friends send … Continue reading Viking Cats with Viking Hats

Mimikyu Crochet Hat: Free Pattern

Happy Tuesday, everyone- depending on where you are located. It's a pretty dismal day in my neck of Texas. Rain since the early hours and a chill that makes me want to turn and run back inside. A perfect day to release a crochet hat pattern, right? I'm about a week behind on my promise, … Continue reading Mimikyu Crochet Hat: Free Pattern

Gotta Crochet ‘Em All! (Free Pokemon Patterns)

It's pretty hard to walk the earth and never hear of "Pokemon." These pocket monsters have been going strong since 1995, with new TV series and video games popping up every few years. As a 90's kid, I remember owning some of Indigo League on VHS and eagerly awaiting the release of the Pokemon movies. … Continue reading Gotta Crochet ‘Em All! (Free Pokemon Patterns)

Five Quick and Easy Projects for the Last Minute Gifter (Free Crochet Pattern Links)

Life has a habit of getting away from us if we're not paying attention. It feels like I just blinked and suddenly it's no longer a hot, July day but  two weeks away from Christmas. (Couple that with a move this weekend and other projects, and you can say I'm feeling a bit pressed for … Continue reading Five Quick and Easy Projects for the Last Minute Gifter (Free Crochet Pattern Links)

Impossible Astronaut Day

Greetings! For all fans of BBC's Doctor Who, today is the third anniversary of the "Impossible Astronaut." Fans celebrate by making tally marks on their body to reenact key points of the episode. But you can also celebrate with some Doctor Who crafting! Make your own fez Upgrade your pen into a Sonic Screwdriver   … Continue reading Impossible Astronaut Day