Celebrate Your Love of Ice Cream (Guilt Free)

It's National Ice Cream Month and you bet I'm going to be enjoying a cone or two. However, since I'm trying to limit my sugar and dairy intake, I want to find other ways to celebrate my love of this deliciously creamy treat. And what better way to celebrate than by combining this love with crochet? (0 calorie, 0 sugar, 100% diet friendly)

Mother’s Day Wreath: Free Pattern

You're never too old to give your mother something handmade, though at some point you both outgrow the loom band potholders. My mom has finally gotten around to decorating the house she purchased two years ago. I try not to load her down with a bunch of knick knacks, but I thought a wreath might … Continue reading Mother’s Day Wreath: Free Pattern

Burgers are good, Burgers are great

It's summer time, folks! Time to wheel out the grill and show your buddies who makes the best burgers in your area. Kids can have the pool and the sunshine, you have what's most important- burgers. Burgers come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can have a quarter pounder with cheese, a beltbuster with … Continue reading Burgers are good, Burgers are great